July Trade Tally +281 pips

July was a good month of trading. My losses were small and my gains were big. I haven’t made any trades in August. The closest I came was on Aug. 4 when I was on the cusp of buying JPY.

I wish I could have took my own advice and sold USD/JPY. The tweet came at the absolute peak on Aug 4 and this trade would have never been down more than 20 pips. Four sessions later, USD/JPY was down more than 350 pips.

Anyway, in July I made seven trades and earned 281 pips. For the details of the trades, click the hyperlinks. All my trades are done live on twitter. Follow @FX_Button.

July Trade Tally

July 27

USD/JPY – -30 pips

USD/CHF -30 pips

July 26

AUD/USD +92 pips

July 18

AUD/USD +108 pips

July 4

USD/JPY +168 pips

June 30

NZD/JPY -26 pips

June 30

NZD/CHF -1 pip


Tally: +281 pips on 7 trades.