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Check Me Out at Forexlive on Monday

I will be posting at Forexlive on Monday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. New York time. Stop by, say hello and we can talk about the latest in markets. If you don’t know Forexlive, check it out. Jamie and the rest of the crew there have a huge following for a reason.

As the markets open in Asia to start the week, the chatter is all about Europe, especially fresh German opposition to ECB bond buying. There is a large and vocal part of German parliament that wants no part of a more integrated Europe, especially one where Germany in on the hook for fiscal irresponsibility elsewhere.

This could be the defining feature of the early part of this week. The real answers won’t come until Sept. 7 when German lawmakers vote on the latest round of proposals. I posted more in a link from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on Twitter. Also note that Monday is a bank holiday in the UK and NY will be slower than usual due to the storm.

Later this week the theme will shift to non-farm payrolls and the ISM services report. We will keep you up to date.