Adam Button Adam Button is a currency strategist. He currently shares his analysis in real-time daily at ForexLive  where he is the managing editor and once a day at Intermarket Strategy, two of the most popular and highly-regarded forex strategy sites. Adam was the former chief currency strategist at XForex and head of markets at CEP News. He lives in Montreal.

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2 Responses to About Adam Button

  1. amdan says:

    Hi Adam,
    i’m Amdan and very seldom comments on ForexLive, always on the sidelines observing.
    Great analysis and informative inputs from you and all the guys from ForexLive!
    Really enjoy it and help me alot with my day to day trading.
    As JohnR says, i found your site pretty cool too..keep it up..cheers!

  2. Steve says:

    Hello Adam,
    When you comment on ForexLive, you are my favorite commentator. I saw on the 0n 2-7-2012 you made comment on Germany that got quite a thread going. Good job. I am a Forex day trader for my own account. At the moment I ran down my account pretty low learning FX, but now am now scratching out every pip I can to build it back up. I am convinced I can most days get 100-150 pips trading the EURUSD. I think I got a good system (technical) and just need to trust the signals I get, instead of second guessing them. Found your web site and will check it out more thoroughly as get chance.

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